On Board Spa Luxury for Superyacht Charter Guests

Everyone enjoys relaxing and being pampered while on holiday. Why should a superyacht charter holiday be any different?

Now through the enterprise of Charter Spa Services exquisite spa treatments with all the trimmings of luxury 5-star spa experiences can be brought onboard a yacht while it is on charter.
With over 14 years of licensed massage and skin care experience and 11 years within the yachting community, Charter Spa Services owner Heather Hawthorne, has earned an industry-wide reputation for first class service, offering the highest of standards.
By offering spa services onboard, yachts can turn their charter guests holiday into a blissful spa retreat allowing them to spend their days and idle hours looking after their well-being by indulging in an array of pampering and holistic therapeutic treatments such as massages, facial and body treatments, traditional Turkish Baths, aromatherapy sessions, head and scalp treatments along with relaxing foot massages.
If they prefer, they can invigorate their mind, body and soul by participating in private or group yoga sessions.  Each treatment is a personalized spa experience and is customized and designed for each individual.
Heather has transformed dozens of the most prestigious charter and private yachts into private health retreats in literally, just a few hours and says, “A holiday isn’t complete without a spa experience these days.”
“Many clients recognize that massage can be a necessity and is, in fact, already a part of many of their daily lives. Their yachting holiday is the perfect time for them to look after their well-being.”
She adds, “almost any size yacht can accommodate these services and offer guests their own private therapist on board. You don’t need a ‘spa’ or ‘’treatment room’.  I can easily turn any yacht into a floating health retreat to provide these services for clients , especially those interested in turning their ‘down time’ into ‘me time’.”
The service has been used repeatedly with some of the world’s most prestigious yachts, working with an international repertoire of some of the globe’s most prominent people, many of which are her annual repeat charter and personal clients. Some of these clients include Prime Ministers, Academy Award winners, Hollywood celebrities, elite professional athletes and Coaches, musicians, and international politicians.
Since 1998, she has transformed more than 60 charter yachts into first class health retreats. Some of these yachts include Excellence III, Oasis, Fortunato, Xanadu, Phoenix, Apogee, Galaxy, Mia Elise, Lady Ann Magee, Pegasus, Big Eagle, Mia Elise, Big Aron and Galaxy, just to name a few. Her clients also include charter brokerage companies including Camper Nicholson’s International, International Yacht Collection, Luxury Yacht Group, Fraser Yachts, Burgess, and the Sacks Group.

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