Every Super Yacht Should Have its Own Helicopters

Atmosphere with one of her helicopters on board

The two bright red Bell 407 helicopters carried aboard the superyacht Atmosphere each carries six passengers and a pilot, which means, with nine guests on board, we have to decide what each of us would like to do. The problem is, we are spoiled for choice as to what to do. The wilderness of Chile is beckoning and the helicopter is there for our complete disposal. Sally, Brent, Bruce, Benny, Alex and Patrick are all keen fly fishermen and the lure of the brown trout is just too much for them to turn down the opportunity to catch it. They split into three groups and each with its own local expert guide and set off for Rio Negro. After two helicopter trips to drop them off with all their fishing gear, it is our turn, and Francisco our helicopter pilot, gives us our safety briefing.

We are to fly off for a trekking expedition through the forest that traces the trails created by Jesuit priests years ago when they came from Spain to covert the local population to Catholicism. The trail leads through thick woodland, along fast running rivers to a point beside Lake Cayutue. Our two guides, Pablo and Ignacio are a mine of wonderful information on eco tourism and on the way they point out Parrots and Chucao, a small tubby little bird with a distinctive call. We see wild fuscia, the plant from where all domestic varieties originate. We are shown Coicopihue trees with their orange coloured trunks and learn how it is, that the white blossoms of the Ulmo trees, in bloom now, make such deliciously tasting honey.

Despite the fact that we had been wafted into this wilderness from the skies, we suddenly come face to face with a local family on travelling on horse back using the same trail to move from their home in the hills to Relonca, the nearest town to deliver their son to the point were he can catch a boat to school. This is a journey they make every Sunday to ensure he gets to school in time for its start each Monday.

After an exhilarating hike of some three hours, we come to a clearing beside the lake and with perfect timing, Fernando swoops in from sky to pluck us out of the wilds and transport us swiftly back to Atmosphere where we enjoy a splendid lunch at which Victor our Captain joins us.

The fishermen are making a day of it and eat lunch where they are. With a half a day left for us to fill we opt to take out the yachts kayaks accompanied by our ever helpful crew who are all chosen for their local knowledge of the flora and fauna and are able to act as expert guides.

Atmosphere is available for Charter through Edmiston.