The Super Yacht Atmosphere

At Santiago Airport in the Tent on my iPhone

Joining a superyacht in Puerto Montt via Santiago, Chile

Joining Nomads of the Seas’ superyacht Atmosphere in Chile entails a long journey by air from the UK, in fact we were travelling more than 24 hours. In the week leading up to our great adventure the trip was on, then off and finally on again. The problem was the awful earthquake that struck the country and left devastation in its wake and Santiago Airport closed for a few days.

It took a total of three flights, starting first with an evening flight from London Heathrow to Madrid with the Spanish carrier Iberia then the longest part of the journey, Madrid to Santiago and finally the short hop south to Puerto Montt.

The best thing about the South American airline LAN? Undoubtedly the power supply in every seat even in the very back of the plane on their Airbus 340. In the front part of the plane a thirteen hour overnight journey from Madrid to Santiago is a pleasant experience. Sadly we were in the back where endurance is the name of the game, but the stewardesses were pleasant, the seats were reasonable, the leg room was definitely better than average and even the tiny baby in the seat beside us was remarkable quiet. Our South American saga was off to a good start.

Arriving in Santiago we expected to find an airline terminal flattened a la Charles de Gaulle because we heard the airport had been re-housed inside tented marquees. In fact from the outside, the terminal building looks untouched. Inside apparently it is another story, but we never found out, because we were shuttled in and out of tents as we made our way through customs, immigration and then onto domestic departures.

We were met at the airport by our guide Daniel who drove us to the Marina where Atmosphere is berthed. There, in a especially built guest house, we were entertained by local musicians while we ate a much needed splendid late lunch.

Our trip aboard this very special yacht is being organised by Edmiston who have set up a special division to handle explorer yachts that are available for exclusive charter.

What will this very special yacht and her expert crew have in store for us and the other six passengers aboard? We do not know. Save to say we are excited and hope to allow you to share in that adventure over coming days. Do not expect a posting every day, we are sailing into the wilderness! Catch us if you can!