In Chile Paddling Kayaks up the River Petrohu

In Chile Paddling Kayaks up the River Petrohu

The superyacht Atmosphere is loaded with toys and fun facilities

We have chosen to go kayaking today and given that we have never done that before that is quite daring of us. Our confidence bolstered by the fact that both Pablo and Ignacio say it is easy and that they will be there to help we decide to give it a try. 6 miles later our arm muscles are not so sure it was a good idea but we feel righteous having burned off just a few of the extra calories we took on board eating a delicious lunch.

When we returned we were able to sample other facilities the superyacht has to offer. Up on the sun deck are three hydro-thalassic spa pools two of which are filled with heated seawater and the third with hot fresh water. We soaked in the bubbling water bringing life back to our tired limbs and then absconded into the sauna followed by a powerful shower.

The fishermen returned with tales of mixed fortune that mostly revolved around that the fish got lucky even if the humans did not.

With the evening light drawing to a close and the setting sun illuminating the snow caped mountains, Atmosphere weighed anchor at around 8.30 in the evening and began to motor back down the Reloncavi Esturay. We have a 12 hour voyage of around 140 miles to make over night that should see us at anchor off Auchemo in the morning.

Atmosphere is available for charter through Robert Shepherd at Edmiston