End of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

© 2009 Frances Howorth

It is amazing how quickly a show is broken down after it shuts on the last day. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was no exception this year.

I took the photograph above on Wednesday from the helicopter usually aboard Allure Shadow.

Brent Haywood Photography made a time lapse video of the show breakdown. Brent said “We started filming at 4:30pm just prior to the show closing on Monday night. A few boats left that evening with the majority leaving the next day after 9:00am.”

To view the video clink on this link Brent Haywood Photography

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  1. The same scam was attempted using the name of a novelist I know. Since we are only slightly aquainted, but may both be on a mailing list of a writers group a belong to, I was immediately suspicious – why would she apologize for not telling me she was traveling or ask me for money – I hardly know her. Also, as a novelist, she’s be unlikely to make the kind of syntactical errors the email contained. I contacted our mutual writers’ group and, sure enough, it was a scam. They stole details about her latest novel from her blog and locked her out of the email address used for the blog. Clearly this one, targeting writers, has legs.

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