Super Yacht Big City for Sale E Bay Style

World’s first online auction for Superyachts opens

The 46 metre Super Yacht Big City built by Trinity Yachts is one of a host of superyachts offered by sale on a new internet site that is being dubbed the millionaires e Bay

The Xchange describes itself as the world’s first online auction and trade site for luxury items where members are able to buy, sell, bid-on, auction, and or exchange luxury items all around the world

Other items suggested for trading include a mansion in Beverly Hills a Chateau in France, or your antique Rolls Royce for a new model Bentley, or even a bottle of your 1802 Chateau Lafitte for a bottle of 1947 Cheval Blanc. “The possibilities,” say the site owners “are literally endless.”

Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and private parties, are all being welcomed to join by registering for membership, a stringent process in which unqualified and or undesirable are screened out.

Those who get through the process and wish to advertise their listings can do so without hassle and say the site owners, “at a fraction of the costs of other so called Luxury sites.” In addition to regular listings,

The company charges sellers a fee of five per cent of the sales and claims that had fees been charged during an initial test phase approximately $8.75 million in revenue would have been generated

the company will be publishing a free BillionaireXchange flash online magazine in which they plan to keep their elite clientele up to date on new luxury items and pertinent material.