Third Day at the Monaco Super Yacht Show

Super Yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show © 2009 Frances Howorth

Its official we have become Champagne addicts! Could anyone get tired of champagne? And luckily there is a lot of it about at Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show even has Lanson as its official champagne sponsor.

The fabulous Feadship Trident was on our list for yacht visits today. We are not writing her up for SuperYacht World ourselves, that task falls to Hugo Andreae our editor in chief. But we did enjoy a visit before the Show officially opened this morning. Donald Starkey has excelled himself producing a magnificent work of art that is both serene and elegant as well as being tactile demanding to be enjoyed with all one senses.

At 12 o’clock we rushed off to Burgess stand for the tender ride out to the anchor and lunch aboard the iconic Perini Navi sailing yacht Maltese Falcon. Recently sold we are perhaps some of the last people to see her onboard art collection, as these will almost all shortly be returned to her previous owner. The privileged group of fellow journalists were royally entertained and we reluctantly returned to the real world for the rest of the afternoon appointments.

Sadly the Maltese Falcon lunch clashed with the lunch sponsored by Horus watches who are also sponsors of the show. Today they launched a really pretty watch that was inspired by the stately old steam yacht Delphine.

RINA the Italian class society played host to journalists as did Moonen who had a happy hour to celebrate their largest yacht to date being at the show. San Lorenzo the Italian yacht builder held a press reception with more champagne and the best speech of the show, short and to the point, we are happy to quote it verbatim “Welcome, byebye”. He did in reality utter a couple more sentences of appreciation for journalists hard work which was also equally welcomed by the audience.

A second watch party we also sadly missed through to many clashes was held by the Super Yacht designer Espen Oeino who has teamed up with the family-owned luxury brand Scalfaro to produce a most handsome wristwatch.

Our last party of the evening was held at the Monaco Yacht Club (which I think we have visited every evening for one event or another). It was a joint event sponsored by ISS and the PYA and involved more lovely champagne and a wine tasting.

Our weary journey home up the steep hill to our hotel was interrupted by a quick photo shoot of the yachts all light up and looking gorgeous.

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