Water Toys for Superyacht Billionaires

Superyacht owners are evolving and want more luxury water toys than ever this summer.

Sales of luxury yachts spiked after the COVID-19 pandemic, with the super-rich wanting to spend more time offshore. The trend continues with billionaire purchasers buying bigger superyachts, costing upwards of eight figures. Onboard demands include spas with saunas and ice baths, gyms, cinemas, putting greens, basketball courts, and masseuses. 

For days in the water, there has been massive interest in fast water toys.   iAQUA, has designed the world’s fastest and most powerful luxury sea scooters and e-surfboard. 

“When you are spending upwards of eight figures on a superyacht, having luxury onboard and the fastest water adventure is paramount.  We aim to revolutionise the sea industry market and make the dreams of superyacht owners come true. They want speed and power, and our innovative sea scooters and the X-Jet Extreme surfboard are the world’s fastest and most powerful,” iAQUA said. 

Porche beater

The Nano 720 Xtreme scooter has a greater power to weight ratio than a Porsche Carrera T. The car has 380 BHP, weighs 1600kgs, and has a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds.

iAQUA’s Nano 720 Xtreme weighs just 22kgs and boasts 4.7kw of power giving it a Porsche beating power to weight of 0.217. 

The AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme sea scooter produces over 5.2 kw of power. It delivers a thrust of 770 Newtons, making it the world’s fastest and most powerful dive scooter. It can propel through the water at speeds of up to 25 kph in under 3 seconds. And can pull two boats with 18 passengers and a weight of 2,000kg. 

Among iAQUA’s newest water toys is the X-Jet Extreme. They claim no other electric surfboard can rival the 68kph speed; ride stability, planning efficiency, and hydrodynamic performance. 

Carbon fibre

At just 23kg, the 100 percent carbon fibre X-Jet Extreme is one of the lightest e-surfboards in its category. It features four power levels. And has a 3,670kW high-capacity battery, a wireless throttle, and a balance leash. It offers good buoyancy with a 160kg weight capacity for two surfers. 

Surfing legend Annissa Flynn, is the 3 x World Flow-Board Champion, and 19 times (and current) Thailand National Surfing Champion. She said: “The power and endurance of the X-Jet Extreme is truly game-changing.”