Father’s Day Experience to Remember

Caviar House Introduces Bowmore Whisky Oyster Luge Experience for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day next month, Caviar House introduces its exclusive Bowmore Whisky Oyster Luge Experience at its Piccadilly flagship and Selfridges Seafood Bar. A luxury treat for those seeking a distinguished celebration. This exquisite offering presents an unparalleled experience for connoisseurs and fathers alike.

Located in the heart of London’s Piccadilly, Caviar House prides itself on providing extraordinary and one-of-a-kind gourmet experiences and is renowned for its exceptional range of caviar. Including the highly desired Beluga and Almas (the most expensive caviar on the planet). Dating back to 1872, the brand’s dedication to quality and expertise in curating the finest products is a testament to its legacy of excellence in the world of refined dining.

Father’s Day offering

For this special Father’s Day offering, Caviar House has partnered with Bowmore. They are one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. And have a heritage dating back to 1779. Handcrafted with precision and passion, Bowmore is a true embodiment of excellence and a pioneer for the finest spirits.

For over 240 years, the Bowmore Distillery has been capturing the essence of Islay from the shores of its remote island home. Shaped by centuries of skill and tradition, Bowmore’s single malt harnesses the power of this time in every single drop. It defines the past and is savoured in the present.

For decades the customers of Caviar House & Prunier have been able to thrill all their senses and gastronomical emotions with some of the most impressive selections of Oysters, fine caviars and smoked salmon. With restaurants and seafood bars across the globe, Caviar House & Prunier is one of the largest and most respected importers and distributors of seafood in the world.

Harmonious medley

Priced at £70 for two people, the Bowmore Whisky Oyster Luge Experience includes a dozen oysters artfully presented alongside two 50ml servings of the exquisite Bowmore 12-Year-Old Whisky. This combination offers a harmonious medley of flavours, showcases the delicate brininess of the oysters. They are complemented by the smooth richness of the whisky to reflect the essence of Bowmore.

A brilliant way to honour and celebrate your father or the father of your children as you share moments of joy and companionship over the finest ingredients and spirits. The Bowmore Whisky Oyster Luge Experience is available to book now.

Available at 161 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EA and Selfridges Food Hall, Reservations can be made online here