Fitness App for Superyacht Crew Launched

On course to revolutionise crew fitness within the superyachting industry, Superyacht Fitness has launched a new app.

Powered by ARVRA this one of a kind Superyacht Fitness App marks a significant step in addressing longstanding crew wellbeing challenges. They are often overlooked within the superyacht industry. Through a people-first approach and a strategic partnership with ARVRA, Superyacht Fitness is setting new standards for prioritising crew welfare.

Tailored to the superyacht community

Superyacht Fitness integrates its experience in the superyacht and luxury fitness industries. They deliver wellbeing services tailored to the superyacht community. With a focus on solutions for the mind and body, Superyacht Fitness is driven by a team of professionals. They are dedicated to delivering results. 

The Superyacht Fitness App provides access to personalised fitness plans. It delivers mental health resources, and nutritional guidance. The app permits mood tracking, self-development tools and holistic strategies. All at a users’ fingertips, anywhere in the world.

Way beyond traditional fitness tools, it features exclusive content and analytics, dedicated cabin workouts and wellbeing check-ins. This means that the app supports crew members to prevent burnout and relieve stress. And acts as a much needed support tool.

Beyond traditional fitness

Beyond their expertise in luxury gym design, the company approach physical and mental fitness in a personalised, community-driven and collaborative way. Focused on simplicity and accessibility, they deliver comprehensive, targeted and holistic wellness.

Both Superyacht Fitness and ARVRA share a common passion to make a positive difference to people’s lives. And by combining forces are pioneering a wellness revolution in this challenging industry. 

Georgie Spurling, Founder and CEO of ARVRA, highlights the shared principles shared by both companies that prompted this dynamic partnership. He said, “We are a company we are incredibly proud to partner with. Their values resonate with ours. And we share a common goal of prioritising people’s wellbeing. ARVRA is all about supporting people dealing with life’s big moments. Such as grief, addiction, job changes and more. ARVRA always works from client feedback. So we are looking forward to listening to what’s needed and acting accordingly with our experts.”

Comprehensive opportunity

Further substantiating the need for a solution is the recent State of the Superyacht Sector Survey. It was released by Quay Crew. Statistics reveal that the top contributing factors to poor mental health onboard sadly remain the same as cited in 2021. Namely burnout/fatigue, crew tension/politics, poor sleep and poor leadership. However, it also indicates that more yachts want to actively implement policies. And services to support and help crew who may suffer from poor mental health. 

The App offers a comprehensive opportunity for owners, management companies, captains, and brokers, to place emphasis on crew wellbeing and therefore enhance performance, job satisfaction and increase retention rates.