Antarctica21 opens the first private club for polar explorers

Antarctica21 are the pioneers of air-cruise expeditions to Antarctica.  They combine a two-hour flight to Antarctica with a small ship expedition along the Peninsula. The company offers the most extensive suite of Antarctic air-cruises in the world.  As well as sea voyages to the Falklands (Islas Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica.

Antarctica21 operate two small expedition vessels each carrying fewer than 100-guests.  Ocean Nova and Magellan Explorer. They offer travellers the luxury of more time to explore with fast and efficient disembarkation.

Sea voyages range from nine to 20 days and visit Patagonia, the Chilean Fjords, Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica.

All voyages are led by a dedicated team including international Antarctic pilots, experienced sea captains, expert polar guides, academics and seasoned travel professionals.

Explorer House

Now Antarctica21 have opened the doors of Explorer House.  It is an exclusive private retreat in a cultural heritage building in Punta Arenas. And it is bound to inspire guests bound for the icy Antarctica wilderness with spirit of adventure.

Punta Arenas, a port town in the south of Chilean Patagonia. It is the gateway to Antarctic journeys. Explorers House is the first of its kind and has been especially designed to welcome guests, of Antarctica21. It provides exclusive services and amenities for them to enjoy.  And it helps prepare them before embarking on the unique small ship expeditions. 

For two decades, Antarctica21 has been flying travellers to Antarctica. Skipping the often-turbulent two-day Drake Passage crossing they explore the Peninsula using boutique ships.  Explorers House provides a space for the start of a journey to one of the most remote and untouched places on earth. 

Explorers House has been designed in a heritage building. It was previously used as a warehouse to process and export Patagonian wool and leather from local ranchers in the early 1900’s.  Now it has been fully restored.

Explorers House provides an exclusive welcome space for Antarctica21’s guests in Punta Arenas. During the busy Austral summer, travellers often have to compete for hotels and restaurants in the area. They will also enjoy the same service quality they receive aboard the company’s Magellan Explorer and Ocean Nova ships.

Private member’s club

Designed with the feel of a private member’s club, Explorers House is a space that encapsulates the spirit of Antarctica21’s expeditions.  It provides an elegant lounge and bar with a restaurant serving international and Chilean cuisine, and space for up to 200 guests over two floors. The venue also includes a library with over 100 specialist polar travel and nature books, a garden area, and a shop exclusively for guests. A theatre-style presentation room will host welcome talks and briefing sessions covering subjects such as science, the environment, and the history of polar exploration.