Overloading a Motorcaravan is Bad Practice.

a case of overloading?

Overloading a Campervan or motor home is somewhat dangerous.  Not only can it be unsafe it can on occasions render your insurance invalid.

When did you last check your motorhome weight? Ministry of Transport figures suggest that up to 80% of motorhomes may be operating overloaded on British roads.

Driving an overloaded motorcaravan can lead to a penalty being issued by the police and can lead to points added to your license.

Doing so is not only unsafe for you the driver but the bad practice can risk the safety of your passengers and other road users.

Many insurance policies specifically state that the vehicle must always be operated inside plated weight limits.  This means if you operate outside those limits, you not only break the law, but also invalidate your insurance at the same time.

avoid overloading

It might be if you overload a vehicle taking it beyond its stated 3500 kilos you are not licensed to drive it.

Check your driver’s licence and make sure you to drive inside your own license limitations

When buying a motorcaravan it is a good policy to insist on an seeing an accurate, up-to-date weight ticket!

Always a disclaimer

Brochures and sales materials have been known to be inaccurate. There will always be a disclaimer printed somewhere which says the figures published are a guide only.  So be aware of overloading and check yourself.

consider downrating to avoid Overloading

A small discrepancy of 5% could mean a difference of around 125 kilos between estimated and actual weight.

Before buying a new or used motorcaravan take it to a weighbridge and check the weight yourself to ensure no overloading.

Do you think you need to uprate to carry more payload to avoid overloading?  Or might you have a payload issue?  If so, contact experts and get professional help.

One company that might be able to increase or uprate the payload allowance of your van is SvTech. 

They work hard testing many makes and models. 

They know how to and can advise on any uprating of a vehicle.

Behind every uprate they issue are a series tests and a fully documented test procedure.

When drivers reach the age of 70 weight limits on licenses alter. Some drivers might want to consider downrating to avoid Overloading


When drivers reach the age of 70 weight limits on licenses alter. Some drivers might want to consider downrating.

SvTech can downrate your motorhome to 3500kg should you not pass, or decide not to take, a medical. 

To down rate a vehicle you must first weigh it to find out what payload you will have available at 3500kg.

Guidance on downrating is available on the SvTech website where a a free-to-use, Load Distribution Analysis (LDA ) program helps the user to know their likely laden weight and how best to position their goods about the vehicle to avoid an axle overload and stay safely within your vehicle limits.