Pint Drinking Motor Caravan Driver needed to Drink Beer

Enjoy a pint or two?  Are you a true beer enthusiast? Then maybe you will be interested in a unique job opportunity that could see you travelling across the UK sampling different beers at hundreds of country pubs!

Brit Stops, a community of over 1,100 small businesses, including pubs, breweries and vineyards, for motorhome/campervan drivers to park overnight for free, is hiring the world’s first “Pint Chaser.”

This pub connoisseur extraordinaire will design the “UK’s Ultimate Pub Trail”, mapping some of the 750+ pubs in the Brit Stops community. This frothy adventure will have them visiting hundreds of delightful public houses whilst sampling their best brews. 

Yes, you read correctly – you could get paid to drink a pint of beer and camp in a decked-out motorhome while exploring all corners of the UK.

The job requires the chosen candidate to travel across the UK and map out the best pubs, all while staying right on site in a motorhome. All you need for the role is a passion for beer and adventure – and of course, a driver’s licence. 

With more than 750 pubs across the UK, on their books, Brit Stops, is looking to create the first Pub Trail for motorhome tourists seeking the UK’s best pubs and pints.

Recently acquired by by Harvest Hosts, a US-based membership program that gives RVers access to unique RV camping options Brit Stops was founded in 2010.  The membership scheme offers motorcaravan travellers access to more than 1,100 novelty stopovers ranging from local pubs to farms, vineyards and country estates – as well as unique destinations such as a parachute school, a ski resort, a flying boat museum and a castle.  In 2015, the company added “Irish Stops” to now cover the complete British Isles. 

The company will pay one dedicated motorhome tourist to travel across the country, visiting as many of the pubs as possible, documenting their experience as they plot the ultimate pub lover’s crawl and the perfect pint.

The Pint Chaser will have to spend one night at each location (no drinking and driving!)   

To help complete the journey, Brit Stops will provide a motorhome (or support on cost if you already own one), cover beverages at each stop, a small stipend, and a lifetime Brit Stops membership guaranteeing a future full of travel.

“Part of our mission at Brit Stops is to help travellers discover the hidden gems right here in the UK, all while supporting small businesses along the way – and some of these destinations include lovely rural pubs that your average tourist would never typically encounter,” says Tom Clark, General Manager of Brit Stops. “We are excited to fill this new position and map out the UK’s ultimate pub trail for adventurous travellers.” 

Pubs have experienced a tremendous amount of difficulty surviving COVID-19 shutdowns, followed by soaring energy bills and inflation.

According to an analysis from real estate intelligence firm Altus Group, an average of 51 pubs closed permanently each month from January to March this year. These small and local business owners need additional revenue streams to keep the lights on, pay rent and continue to serve their customers. The chosen Pint Chaser will honour Brit Stops’ mission of attracting tourists and adventurers to small businesses across the UK. 

“We have been a part of the Brit Stops scheme for several years, and the visitors we’ve met as part of the scheme have been incredible,” said Dave MacLeod, director of The Plough Inn in Bristol. “Facing several challenging years since the pandemic, the increased support from guests parking overnight has been invaluable. It’s really a win-win for everyone.”

All UK residents over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s licence and a passion for road trips are eligible to apply. To apply to be Brit Stops’ first ever Pint Chaser, applicants must share 2-3 photos or videos of them enjoying a pint of beer as well as travelling and one paragraph detailing their road trip mapping capabilities. To apply, visit: