Track Your Campervan to Aid After Theft Recovery

Keep a track on your campervan so that you know where it is at al times

Mi01 Track & Tracer at Moving Intelligence
Mio1 Tracer at Moving Intelligence

Thieves are targeting, motorhomes and campervans because, in times when quality stock at dealerships is low, motorcaravans are commanding high prices on the black market and many leisure vehicles are being stolen to order.

Campervans and motorhomes are being shipped abroad shortly after they have been stolen or in some cases broken down into component parts and sold off piecemeal.

Most people do not realise, that even if the vehicle is found after being stolen, there are still costs involved for recovery, storage and or repair. These costs will likely affect future insurance premiums. 

Protect Your Asset

The question is how best to protect your asset?  There are, several tried and tested gadgets that act as visible deterrents chief among these being steering wheel bars and wheel clamps.  But short arm steering wheel locks can still allow the steering wheel to rotate.  Such aftermarket security solutions are both cumbersome and bulky and are somewhat impractical and inconvenient because they need to be fitted or removed every time you enter or leave a vehicle.  Then they should be safely stored when not in use, so that they do not become a potential hazard should the campervan become involved in a collision.  Wheel clamps, while ideal for home and campsite site parking, are rather heavy to travel with, and like steering wheel locks can be cut off by the determined thief.

In short it is impossible to protect a campervan from theft.  What is need is a GPS Tracker, that will aid the recoverey of a vehicle after it has been stolen.  Figures show that the average recovery rate after a vehicle has been stolen, is around 30%, giving a 3 in 10 chance of getting the vehicle recovered after theft.  That figure improves when only those with trackers fitted are taken into consideration.

Little wonder then that insurance companies are recommending owners protect their campervans with an after-theft recovery system the likes of which are made by Moving Intelligence.

Their Mi01 Sentry tracker is a track and retrieval system with Europe wide coverage. After installation and activation, the extremely compact and watertight transmitter transmits a signal once a day to a dedicated call centre that operates 24/7 indicating where the campervan is located.

After a reported theft, the frequency of position transmission is increased and the transmitter can be traced accurately to the metre.  The position from its track system is sent to a team who can then locate your campervan.

The Mi01 Sentry Track is so accurate that in July 2022 it pinpointed the whereabouts of a stolen caravan to within yards and the Police where able to revcover it inside 24 hours.
An FBI special agent uses a digital tablet to check the information she receives. The girl is in the CIA office, behind her are huge digital panels that display information from satellites in real time.

The Mi01 Sentry Tracking is so accurate that in July 2022 it pinpointed the whereabouts of a stolen caravan to within yards and the Police where able to revcover it inside 24 hours.

The Mi01 Sentry uses GSM, featuring a 360° GPS antenna and even has a fallback RF Signal. Programmed to send its location once every 24 hours the Sentry is nearly impossible to detect. Users can change the location frequency via the Mi App.  In the event of theft the unit will update to stream its track location until it is recovered. 

S7 Accredited

Thatcham accredited to strict and rigorous assessments, evaluating performance, manufacture, and service, it gives owners complete peace of mind. Knowing your Moving Intelligence system is reliable and provides your vehicle with the protection it needs.

The compact size of the unit means it can be installed out of sight virtually anywhere in any vehicle or asset. With the built-in internal battery lasting five years, the Sentry has no effect on the existing electrics, and operates entirely wirelessly. 

While new to the UK the company has sold over 12000 track units into Europe and reports a 94% recovery rate to date.  In the UK the track subscription is fixed at £99 per annum.

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