Premium Bond a Winner if ever there was one

Bond has his roots in Scotland

If you have ever aspired to live like a spy then this Bond-inspired adventure holiday may be for you.  But be warned, before you become a James you will need to have won a Premium bond because this Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell assignment is not cheap.

Inspired by the world’s most famous spy, the trip costing from £225,000 for two people., has been named after the words Moneypenny says to Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Not cheap but then again, a 14-day operation, chasing down a British spy in an around-the-world adventure using private airplanes in true 007 fashion never is!

Beginning in Gleneagles Scotland, then traveling by private jet to Las Vegas, Nassau, Istanbul, Egypt, Vienna and finishing in London, ‘agents’ will spend 48 hours in each destination.  As one of them your objective will be to learn and shadow Bond. Your mission will take you across seven countries over fourteen days allowing 48 hours at each location before you must move on.

Along the way as well as sharpening their spy skills to say nothing of off-roading in Scotland, skiing in Vienna and diving in Nassau, agents will stay in some of the most illustrious hotels: The Four Seasons Ocean Club in the Bahamas as seen in Casino Royale, the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and the Çirağan Palace Hotel in Istanbul.

Bond stayed at the Four Seasons Ocean Club in the Bahamas as seen in Casino Royale,
The Four Seasons Ocean Club in the Bahamas as seen in Casino Royale,

This will be no walk in the park, you will need to be ready to move from one location to another, time is of the essence as you will be, give or take, 12 hours behind Bond.

In the deserts of Nevada lessons will be given in the art of dessert driving and experts will teach you how to shoot.

In Cairo, head straight to the hotel once you land . Refreshed and dressed appropriately, head out to find leaked plans of a Submarine tracking system that is located on a microfilm in the capital.

The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan and the Pyramids in the background, Cairo, Egypt.
the name is Bond

You will be guided by operatives of COURT to sample the delights of the Egyptian old atmosphere with old Cairo Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, in Khan Market & Moezz street and Gayer Anderson Pasha Museum. Cairo is full of hidden gems, all you have to do is stay alive and not get shot by Bond

In London, you will attend a black tie ball at an undisclosed location.  Don’t worry a tuxedo or gown will be provided for you as try and ensnare Commander Bond.

Throughout the ‘mission,’ you’ll have the assistance of Intrepid Protection, a security agency of former British Commandos but if you need more information beforehand contact Emily Thompson, account manager, by email using, or if your iPhone has got an inbuilt scrambler try using +44 7912 618 500.