Benson Waterfront the Best of Both Worlds

Benson Waterfront offers the best of both worlds
Benson Waterfront offers the best of both worlds

Benson the best of both worlds

Unashamedly we are yachties or at least we were. Nowadays when we set off for an adventure it is often or not more a trip aboard Voyager our own custom designed Land Yacht.

We do never the less love being beside the water and recently managed to take Voyager to a small campsite that offers the best of both worlds.

Benson Waterfront boasts a magnificent location on the banks of the River Thames amidst glorious open countryside just 10 miles from historic Oxford.

It is a haven of peace and tranquillity offering couples, families and friends a truly unique blend of riverside living, cosmopolitan culture and a chance to savour some of the country’s finest scenery.

Four of the eight pitches are at the waters edge giving an unspoiled view of the river and all the activities that take place upon it. Motoryachts are berthed on floating pontoons immediately infant of the pitches and from the comfort of our own campervan we were able to watch their comings and goings

A well patronised waterfront café affords idyllic sunset-watching, while fishing, canoe hire and boat hire create ultimate ways to relax and enjoy this picturesque stretch of the river.

If you have not got a boat or indeed a land yacht then why not hire a family cabin complete with its own outdoor hot tub? Beautifully styled, with the emphasis on luxury, each contemporary holiday home enjoys an open-plan design with patio doors, leading to your own verandah with outdoor hot tub.

If you choose to have a boat: cruising eastwards, through a landscape dotted with mellow-stone villages, stately homes and quaint towns, leads to Henley and Windsor, while to the west lie Oxford’s famous ‘dreaming Spires’ and wealth of amenities. Thames Path walks, cycle trails and riverside pubs abound.

Walking in the area is a great way to see the sights and offers opportunities to watch the world sail by. Walk down stream towards Wallingford and the riverside path its full of interest. The docks outside the Waterfront cafe are a good place to spot the antics of the would be Vasco de Gama as they get instructions on how to handle the motorboat they have just rented from Le Boat. The lock just down from that is a good place to see if they learned anything at all from their instructors.

Walk along the path towards Wallingford and the banks are dotted with house boats and beautiful houses. Take your time while keeping quiet and the chances of seeing a Kingfisher going about his daily tasks are greatly increased. Herons and cormorants are a fairly common sight, as are swans and Mallard ducks.

The town of Wallingford is well worth the trudge and don’t forget it is still a market town where local produce can be found in the square. On days when the market is elsewhere the well stocked and massive Waitrose store is perhaps a flagship store of the brand.

House up stream from Shillingford Bridge on the River Thames

Walk in the other direction and the boating community cultured around Shillingford Bridge is a delight and most of the semi permanent residents are friendly and more than happy to talk about their exploits sailing the River Thames.

If you have a favourite campervan site that has great facilities and something out of the ordinary to recommend it. Please do drop us a line or leave a comment below