G4 E-Bike for Superyachts Has Been Released

GoCycle aboard Preference

The highly anticipated new G4 (Generation Four) Gocycle urban electric bike range has been introduced.

Loved by superyacht crew the rust resistant bike is easily stowed in the below deck garage and is a hit with charter guests.

Lightweight and electrically assisted it is a great way to get around the marina and further afield. It is a green eco-friendly alternative to the crew car and perfect for the chef to use to nip down to the grocery store or bakery

The three-model Gocycle G4 family (G4, G4i & G4i+) sets a new standard for performance in the rapidly expanding portable electric bike segment with a host of innovative advancements. 

Gocycle’s newest models are specified with our powerful new G4drive electric motor, all-new carbon fibre mid-frame, single-sided carbon fibre front fork, fully-integrated USB port and new high-performance MotoGP-inspired tyres.

These pioneering advancements deliver industry-leading performance while contributing to significant weight savings across the entire range.

Gocycle Designer and Founder Richard Thorpe said: “G4 has been in development for many years and represents the most significant product update for Gocycle since our G1 to G2 engineering programme. Our generation four models have been developed through a combination of listening to our customers and our continued mission to develop the best urban electric bikes on the planet. G4 will not only set a new standard for Gocycle, but a new standard for performance for all of our competitors in the portable electric bike segment.”

The Generation Four Gocycle range is available to pre-order now from www.gocycle.com and through select resellers throughout US, Canada, UK, and EU.  

Sadly for all of us who want one now lead times are currently somewhat  challenging across the electric bike industry. As a result, the company have decided to release pre-order opportunities each month to try and avoid any disappointment. 

You can pre-order now for the first Gocycle Generation Four batch that will be shipping from June.

The next pre-order opportunity will open on 1stMay for the July batch.

The queue is forming and where we are in that queue has yet to be established but when we get ours we will be sure to review it here