Dometic Introduces Inflatable Camping Tents for 2021

Like us, the Dometic Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden crosses between the marine and camping market and as travel writers we cover both.

Like us, the Dometic Group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden crosses between the marine and camping market and as travel writers we cover both.  

That makes it fun to report about a new line of inflatable camping tents the group are introducing for the 2021 season. 

The new premium tents have been redesigned from the ground up to include the latest innovations in design and function, providing comfort and privacy on every camping trip.

Dometic Inflatable Tents

Many features are unique to Dometic and use fabrics of the highest quality to ensure they stand up to every demand. The new assortment is available at selected retailers. 

Dometic’s innovative AIR Frame technology utilizes with multi-inflation points ensure a quick and simple, time-saving tent set-up and takedown. Advanced technical cotton and premium 150D polyester materials guarantee comfort and protection from the elements. 

The high-specification robust inflatable tents are available in models for 3 to 6 persons, Dometic Ascension, Rarotonga and Boracay. With their unique design and materials, Dometic tents add convenience to outdoor adventures and transform camping experiences. 

The new features include

  • Rear Storage Area Unique to Dometic camping tents, the rear storage area is located behind the inner tents of each model and is ideal for storing luggage, clothes and other bulky items.
  • Inner Tents SleepTite darkened material, breathable polyester / polycotton and sizeable door mesh create the perfect environment for sleeping. Dometic’s inner tents offers each person at least 70 cm of width and 225 cm of depth.
  • Tent Folding Lines Packing the tent away at the end of a trip can be a challenge. To combat this, Dometic tents feature small fabric folding lines highlighted in Glow orange tab markers to guide the packing.
  • Climate Control Ventilation Redesigned to incorporate lightweight aluminium support poles, the mesh ventilation points provide plenty of relief on hot summer days and the ability to keep warmth inside the tent when closed.
  • Zipped Blinds Zipped window blinds with easy-store pockets provide endless adjustment and privacy when needed. 
  • Reflective Quick Pitch The best guying system gets further improvement. Dometic Quick Pitch straps feature 2 lines of reflective stitching for extra visibility when navigating around the tent at night.
  • Expanded Interior Space New stronger inflatable AIR poles allow for more right-angled design to increase the standing area inside, whilst keeping the same footprint.

All models are available at selected retailers.

Dometic Inflatable Tents are good for those who use camper vans