In Times of Crisis Communication is Key

In any crisis, communication is important.  Just watch what happens to those waiting for flights in an airport where airlines seem incapable of telling those waiting, what the delay is caused by.  Compare that to the airline that says sorry and carefully explains to passengers that the wing just fell off the aircraft but a new plane is on its way!

The same is true in this COVID-19 crisis when it comes to superyacht crews communicating with families back home.

In a direct response to the crisis and its impact on the superyacht and leisure yachting sectors, maritime satellite service provider; Inmarsat has formalised a sweeping 50% discount for voice calling services, available during the crisis day and night for three months until the end of June.

The service provider is offering the voice call discount to Inmarsat retail customers using FleetBroadband and Fleet One ChatCard voice services and to wholesale partners offering FleetBroadband voice calls under the legacy Crew Calling ‘SQT’ brand.  Steps are also being taken to accelerate the launch of ChatCard services for Fleet Xpress, with an introductory discount.

50% discount for voice calls for three months.

FleetBroadband retail customers are eligible immediately and, even if they currently don’t use the ChatCard service, they can sign up today to provide the offer direct to their crews and we will make the process as easy as possible. The provider is also rolling this through to wholesale partners via its Crew Calling (SQT) service and is strongly recommending that they too they pass on the full saving to crew.

Having previously scheduled the launch of ChatCard services via Fleet Xpress later in 2020, Inmarsat says that every effort is now being made to fast-track its introduction. The move reflects Inmarsat’s determination that crew on Fleet Xpress-installed vessels, who can already get unlimited high-speed data services, are assured that high voice call use does not bring any additional financial burden.

Free file sharing from e3

Other providers are offering equally generous crisis provisions.  Spanish based e3 have on offer a new VSAT service for yachts on the US coast and inside the Caribbean island chain at 4G cell phone pricing.  The new limited time offer offers a flexible and cost-effective to provide VSAT to a yacht from $499 a month for 1Mbps/512 MIR.  Because eSAT is e3’s very own satellite service, it means that they have more control and options to offer.

new VSAT service for yachts on the US coast and inside the Caribbean island chain at 4G cell phone pricing

For those crew members “locked down” ashore but wanting to continue working on files that are stored on board, e3 are also able to help.

They have created  e3.UPLOAD, a free file sharing service which allows crews to upload any critical documents up to 20GB in size* to e3 servers who then provide a link to stranded crew members so they are able to download them and continue working on them. 

Rather than Captains upgrading their existing file sharing subscription, using a “free” service with lengthy terms and conditions or sending large files by email (always a bad idea!), Captains should send e3 an email with the name of the vessel and request a username and password.

Free data

Many will know that all Italian Smartphone plans have no data limit until April 13th, not just for Italy but also for Europe.  But for crew whose service is provided through e3

Those who run out of data on a Spanish phone line are being additional 50GB free of charge!  Just contact e3 to top up your line.