Get Podcasting

Podcasting could become one of the few benefits of the virus inspired crisis currently gripping world attention.

With the demise of the usual social yacht show calendar, Superyacht Radio are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from companies figuring new ways to get the word out and hold on to their market.

Turns out that broadcasting and podcasting is offering those in the superyacht industry a quick, easy and affordable way to get their voices out.

PodCast Plus

The station has devised a brand new packaging that bundles together broadcasting, podcasting and social media.  They call this omni-channel marketing opportunity PodCast Plus and its catching on fast.

Using the latest technology they can also make delivery even more effective by including SEO, inside blogs and printed material where new transcription of podcast interviews are converted into written material for publication on both digital and printed media

With travel restrictions imposed on us all, it has been difficult for those involved with superyachts to carry on our face to face conversations

Many firms have already learned the value of Podcasting when it comes to content marketing and branding.  Our own radio chat show: Around the World with Frances and Michael Howorth broadcast by the station has proved to be a popular source of information market intelligence mixed with light hearted chat and fabulous music.

This eclectic mix of interviews and profiles of the leading personalities in the global Superyacht industry is conducted around the world.  We are uniquely placed to get access to the people who make and shape this incredible industry from Captains to CEO’s, Designers to Owners 

Our unique experience is brought to bear in an informative yet fun interviewing technique delivering a show that is both engaging and informative. Around the World is one of the most popular shows on Superyacht Radio with an average listenership of over 6,000 industry professionals and senior crew in the Global Super Yacht industry every month.

Spotify, iTunes and Google

Our interviews have been turned into successful and well listened to podcasts and now Superyacht Radio is making them available to an even wider audience using Spotify, iTunes and Google.

Since the new service was released in the opening months of 2020, over 10 thousand of these podcasts have been listened to.

With our experience and voices, Frances and I are a perfect choice to host a podcast featuring your company

If you don’t know how to go about wrapping this all up into one package, we suggest you give Superyacht Radio a call.  Do it quickly and quote Frances and I and you will qualify for a 20% discount!

Wrapping up the power of podcasting, radio, social media, blogging, SEO and printed material has been called “amazing” At Superyacht Radio they prefer to call it PodCast Plus