Charging Towards Monaco

Yachts on the dock at the Monaco yacht show from the water

Each and every September, the Principality of Monaco plays host to a Superyacht Show.  It is an exhibition of extraordinary, one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards for their extremely wealthy clients.

As two of the industry’s leading superyacht reporters we attend each show as we have done for the past 20 years to write up every aspect of the show and the attendees.

Normally we fly with a budget airline to Nice and then catch a bus from there to Monaco.  Our arrival is generally in stark contrast to that of those arriving in Monaco to buy a yacht.

But this year we are going to do things differently!  We are going to charge the batteries and do everything electrically. We intend to drive all the way from the UK to Monaco using battery power.

Tesla UK have invited us to test drive their top of the range Model X a car well suited to Superyacht use given its green credentials.

Tesla Model X

We will drive through the byways of rural France taking our time and visiting some of Frances most desirable hotels on route.

We plan to write magazine features and record a show for Superyacht Radio detailing what will definitely be a more civilised way of travelling to the superyacht show.  Our carefully selected stops ensure we get to take our foot off the pedal to enjoy and photograph the stunning scenery, taste delicious cuisine and exchange stories from the open road with travellers we meet on route. 

The idea behind our tour has emerged from our belief that while writing about custom-superyachts is our ‘ultimate goal’ often the day-to-day hustle and bustle of airports, taxi’s and hires cars, means that ironically the enjoyment our job is often lost.

We feel it is about time to reignite the excitement and pioneering spirit of travel and we wanted to share all of this in a richly illustrated feature for your readers to enjoy 

Stay with us as we detail our Grand Tour through France creating our own Route Electric du Bonheur from the white cliffs of Dover to our champagne arrival in Monte Carlo’s Casino Square.

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