Electric Cars to Monte Carlo

Electric cars using only battery power are part of our life at home. They are part of our own clean home policy in which we endeavour to keep our lives as portion free as is possible. We are trying on a very personal level to do our bit to save the oceans and in turn the planet. We try and avoid single use plastic and have even moved to solid soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners in a bid to cut plastic waste.

So when the chance too drive down to the Monaco Yacht Show using only electric power we jumped at the chance.

With Tesla offering us their top of the range Model X, calling it the perfect superyacht land tender, we contacted Eurotunnel’s Eurostar and asked if they would whisk us under the channel by electric train. They agreed stomping up FlexiPlus tickets which is their deluxe offering.

Eurotunnel FlexiPlus

FlexiPlus Eurotunnel tickets provide priority boarding, flexible travel times and use of the exclusive FlexiPlus lounges. FlexiPlus lounges not only have Tesla Charging facilities but also offer complimentary WiFi and refreshments making them the perfect place to get some snacks for the drive in France!

Quite the fastest and easiest ways to cross the English Channel, Eurotunnel sped us on our way. A quick stop to buy Franch bread for lunch and we were soon on our way heading towards Reims the Champagne Capital of the World.

It’s a grand and rather splendid city in which one could easily spend a couple of days exploring. The jewell in the crown is, of course, the magnificent cathedral. It sits in the middle of an endures square in the centre of the city and is a focal point for visitors.

La Caserne Chanzy Hotel & Spa

That same square used to house the Fire Station where fire engines were stored and firemen trained. Their training tower still exists but it is now to fund surrounded by a winter garden that lies at the heart of a brand new Marriot Hotel. Part of the chain’s Autograph Collection it is an independent luxury hotel within the Marriott International portfolio of brands. Hotels in the Autograph Collection are independently owned and are operated or licensed under the Autograph Collection name.

La Caserne Chanzy Hotel & Spa is a fine example as we found out. Opened just three weeks before we arrived this boutique hotel goes beyond the commonplace to offer unique experiences.

Here is an hotel that offers an unparalleled look at Champagne, both the region and the drink. Legends, curiosities, life underground, a chance to experience the story of Reims through different eyes found only in the margins of official histories. As the city’s, former fire station, it is a picturesque piece of local heritage whose spirit can still be felt in the walls. This building is the beating heart of a town where everything happens. An address which brings everyone together. The sense of immersion is immediate, sophisticated, cultural, and culinary in a land of fantasy, the art of living, and memory. Finally, it is a unique point of view looking at one of the world’s most beautiful cathedrals. Located just in front, it is perfect for private reflection at a moment’s notice, a pleasure for the eyes. A hotel where everything is a surprise to be discovered from the walls to the furniture, from the menu to the spa.

Room with a view

We stayed in a room with a view and what a view. Our balcony opened out onto the square and the façade of the cathedral. Imagine our delight when, after dinner, we retired to our room and were rewarded by a Son et Luminaire show in which the face of the cathedral is artistically illuminated to a rousing sound track of classical music.

Truly a highlight in what is shaping up to be; a fantastic electric road trip through France towards the Monaco Yacht Show.

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