Eat Breakfast and Say Farewell

Departing from aboard Prana by Atzaro at sunrise

The yacht has cruised through the night to reach Sorong our final destination before dawn.

Local breakfast dish aboard Prana by Atzaro

There comes a time in every great adventure when the departure date on the airline tickets match those on today’s calendar. Sadly it was time for us to eat breakfast and bid farewell. The crew of Prana by Atzaro have looked after us so well.

Jay creates his special apple and vodka cocktail aboard Prana by Atzaro

It is hard to get home after such a fantastic trip and discover that if you want breakfast you get it yourself. On board this Superyacht we have been spoiled. Someone else makes our bed, tidies our room, cooks our meals and best of all washes up afterwards. We especially love the food, a mix between local and western style fare.

Summing up its fair to say that Prana by Atzarob is a sensational choice of charter yacht for a large group of family or friends. A traditional phisini on the outside with nine lavish, air-conditioned cabins accommodating up to 18 guests.

The bridge aboard Prana by Atzaro underway

Her 18-man crew includes a Cruise Director, Dive Instructor, several chefs, stewards and expert spa therapists. They are all on hand to deliver a seamless experience and to ensure all your needs are met.

Prana by Atzaro offers fine dining, unlimited water sports, wonderful on-board spa treatments, unforgettable diving and the chance to visit some of the world’s most beautiful heritage sites. She encapsulates a perfect unison between ancient craftsmanship and contemporary luxury.

Time to Go Home

Luggage packed and loaded on to the yacht’s tenders all that was needed now was for the tender to take us ashore.

Departing from Prana by Atzaro – Duncan, Lauren and Pandora

For the crew there is a 48 hour break while they prepare for their next guests. For us the prospect of a long haul flight back to Europe is all that’s on offer.

A suite on  Prana by Atzaro ( costs from $1,120 (£880) a night. Charters cost from $12,500 (£9,800) a day, inclusive of meals, local beer, soft drinks, one spa treatment, transfers from airport to yacht, and all activities