Willy T Set to Make BVI Comeback

willy t

Can you imagine sailing into The Bight off Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands and not finding Willy T at her mooring?

Well the fact is if you sailed into that bay right now you would see Willy T piled up on the beach in a very sad and sorry state deposited there when Hurricane Irma made her devastating way across the island.

The Floating Bar & Restaurant, The William Thornton better known as Willy T usually operates on the south-west corner of The Bight.

It is generally littered with dinghies from yachts anchored close by and steady stream of customers come in by boat the nearby U.S. Virgin Islands.

Loud music, food, strong drinks and body shots in what is best described as adult entertainment go to make attending on board a fun packed evening.

But the good news is a newer and better ship is on its way to replace her.”

Its not the first time that Willy T has to stop serving food and drink since it was established in 1989. That Willy T was a former Baltic Trader dating back to 1935 and was built of wood.

After 6 years of service, she sprang a leak and sank on her mooring in the middle of the bay.

She was subsequently raised, hauled out to sea and purposefully sunk again in the hopes of making a new dive site for the BVI.

Unfortunately, underwater currents quickly tore her apart and now there is nothing left of the first William Thornton.

A 33 metre, steel hulled replacement was soon swinging on her mooring and was opened for business in early 1996.

She is the one on the beach right now where she will stay until she is cut up and sold for scrap

Speaking with BVI News, her Manager Ewan Anderson, said the replacement vessel will be almost an exact replica of the previous steel boat. He confirmed that a vessel had been found in Florida and was being outfitted for service in the BVI

“The new Willy T,” he said. “Is the same kind of ship but a bit larger and it will be in the same place.”