Long and Short of It

Long and Short

New and exclusive to us photographs, prove the long and short of it with two new explorer sister yachts from Numarine are shown side by side.

The all new 26XP was seen and photographed speeding towards Boat Show Eurasia in Viaport Marina, Tuzla (near Istanbul), Turkey where she is berthed alongside her big sister the 32XP

26 XP at speed

The show runs from from February 17th until the 25th and the two sister ships occupy berths 3 & 4

The XP range is proving to be popular with yacht owners and the range sits nicely along side the company’s range of fast yachts that begin with the range of yachts from the 62 and top out with the 32 metre 105.

The range of slower explorer yachts will span a range from 26 to 44 metres. 

Company owner Omer Malez explained to us, why Numarine has come up with a range of yachts that is so radically different from those his company is known for.

He said, “There is a trend that is catching on in the islands at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Where in the past boat owners pushed the throttles forward to maximum allowing gas guzzling engines to take them and their cruising home to their next destination they are now following a different format of boat use. The new trend sees them buying a substantially sized, high speed RIB that can be lifted aboard a slower high volume yacht. The family then use that RIB each day to move quickly to their next destination and have the thrill of the speed during the voyage and the convenience of a shallow draught bathing platform from which to enjoy their day in the islands that predominate that cruising ground. Later that day their comfortable home arrives at their chosen spot drops anchor and lifts the RIB on board and stows it safely overnight. The savings in fuel are significant but the added flexibility it gives to a family who enjoy yacht cruising is almost incalculable. I wanted to capitalise on that trend so I asked our tried ad trusted designer Yan Calmar to draw up what is now the XP yacht that will offer yacht owners more space for luxury sleeping accommodation allows them to carry a larger crew.”

The 26XP is flexible design concept. While the first unit was built with the semi-displacement option, there is also the possibility to choose the displacement version: here, the yacht’s maximum speed is 11.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 9 knots and a greater fuel autonomy,  up to 3,500 nm at 8 knots.

long and short