Buying a Bath? Rent a Room

It matters not if the bath is for a superyacht or a home.

Buying without trying it first is an absolute nightmare!

Sure you can sit in most baths in high street bathroom shops, except Chadder & Co in Forest Row where they are frightened you will scratch them.

But what is the good of sitting in an empty bath?

How do you tell if, when its full, you will still be able to touch the end?

How will you know if the water will cover all the bits of your body that you want to get wet?

These questions were posed when we tried to buy our bath from several good bathroom shops.

Only one had the answer!

CP Hart in Tunbridge Wells suggested a bath by William Holland in Dorset.

Then they located a hotel in Tunbridge Wells that had that same bath in one of their feature rooms.

All we had to do was rent the room and try the bath!

The Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells is famous as a wedding venue and frequently the bride and her party take up all 27 rooms.  It is popular with visitors visiting the town and is frequently full.

When we enquired about renting the room to try the bath they had a little giggle at our request but then stunned us by offering us the use of the room for an hour or so to do the ultimate boat review.

Did we mention it was a Bateau Bath?

So after a long hot water soak, we can report the boat bath has passed the test and we will be placing an order.

Thank you to

  • William Holland
  • C P Hart 
  • The Royal Wells Hotel