Stabia Picks up the Slack

With the French ports emptying out amid cries of over taxation and EU regulation heavy handedness, the Italian port of Stabia is keen to pick up the slack.

“Visitor numbers have been increasing by the year,” explains Francesco Luise, manager of Luise Group “But with the attitude of the French authorities, things are picking up here in Italy.”

It seems that the summer destination is also catching on with yachts belonging to Middle Eastern royal families taking the front row.

Montkaj belonging to the Al Saud, Saudi Arabian royal family and Stargate with the Qatar royal family including Prime Minister Althani who has been staying on board, lead the pack. The Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri has been sighted in Stabia enjoying life on board the 92 metre Indian Empress

The 95 metre Faith is a regular visitor and now the 101 metre Symphony belonging to the French entrepreneur Bernard Arnault is learning of the delights that surround the city of Castellammare di Stabia.

One feature that makes the harbour so successful from a technical point of view is the large entrance of the ancient Borbonic Basin and the ample room inside to manoeuver in.

Add to that the location is linked to the city centre by a safe and secure walkway with 24/7 security and you have a port that is fit for purpose when it comes to facilitating royal guests

Seen from the sea, the harbour is very picturesque. Stunning mountains studded with a medieval castle and colourful buildings, are the back drop and in the foreground, the purple red coloured Harbour Master takes centre stage.

The Campania region is accustomed to luxury and the ultimate in comfort, and Castellammare di Stabia is well suited for yachts cruising between Capri, Naples, Stabia and the Amalfi Coast.