Greek Coastguard Clamps Down on Foreign Superyachts

Coastguard authorities in Greece, in cooperation with a newly established independent authority for collecting public revenues, has announced that at least two foreign-registered yachts were fined for conducting excursions beginning and ending in Greek waters, tourist packages marketed, sold and paid for overseas.

This follows reports that the agency has stepped up checks of yachts and tourist vessels this summer in an attempt to net undeclared charter revenues and foreign-registered vessels that illegally carry out excursions exclusively in Greek waters.

Inspections initially check whether the sum on a charter party actually corresponds to the money paid to the vessel’s operator.

For instance, a daytrip cruising boat in Santorini was fined for listing a daylong cruise around the caldera at 200 euros, when 1,500 euros was actually collected.

Another five inspections of similar cruisers followed in the same location, with the total take per cruise per day calculated at 1,500 to 2,500 euros, but with individual charter parties (the contract) listing a significantly lower rate.

Besides the fines, the businesses owing the vessels were ordered to remain closed for 48 hours.