Fancy Renting a Superyacht in Key West by the Night?

Cabins by the night onboard the 48 metre ketch rigged Perini Navi Legacy are now available to rent through the Web site airbnb

The web site invites would be punters to: ‘enjoy staying on this amazing luxary (sic) yacht with your own private stateroom as well as the yachts common areas.’

It goes onto say that the yacht is available on Friday and Saturday nights at a cost of £329 per night and adds: ‘With four staterooms available you can plan a group trip.’

What the Web site does not say is, that this is the very same yacht that in 2005 became a victim of Hurricane Wilma and was severely damaged when she dragged her anchor and was swept ashore in a federally protected area off Key West. She stayed stranded there for nearly three years and was subsequently the subject of lengthy court cases involving the owner and two insurance companies.

That she might still not be show boat condition, is suggested by the statement on the airbnb site which points out, ‘We are updating the yacht everyday bringing more and more amenities.’