Superyacht Mothership Concept Spawns Modular Daughter Apartments

Designer Stefano Pastrovich, the head of Monaco-based Pastrovich Studios, has been telling Haute Living magazine of his conceptual superyacht whose modular design means a superyacht is not limited to one large vessel.

In what he calls his X R-Evolution project the Superyacht is in fact a mothership that spawns off modular daughter apartments.

“Imagine,” he says “Laying anchor in the Virgin Islands and deploying your apartments anywhere you desire. Imagine being waited on by crew living aboard the mother-ship or going it alone in your own isolated beach fronted property.”

These “daughter vessels” can take other forms than apartments. “Imagine that instead of apartments,” says Pastrovich, “Each daughter vessel is a different luxury object; a swimming pool, a garden, even an artificial beach complete with its own palm trees.”

Patrovich has been working on various modular components in his X R-Evolution concept for more than a decade. The big idea is providing superyacht owners with flexibility after their large yachts are finished. They’ll always have choices to arrange and rearrange spaces and modules. Plus, once the superyacht reaches its final destination for a given journey, the owners and some lucky guests can choose to remain on the main vessel with the crew or gain more privacy with a modular apartment.

The X R-Evolution concept uses honeycomb construction for maximum strength with the minimum material. The hull is carbon fibre and the floating decks are composed of titanium. A self-stabilising hexapod with six hydraulic cylinders keeps the upper deck level in rough seas, while gyroscopes minimise roll for the rest of the superyacht.

The concept example features a 77-metre superyacht. Hydraulic lifts would stack modular units on the aft deck while in transit. Once the destination is reached, the units are placed in the water in desired locations.

Tenders and toys are stored midships during long passages but are tethered alongside for use by passengers and crew.

Owners who wish to build various attached or stand alone decks, pathways, and boat slip configurations can use portable modular trapezoid sections for that purpose. The simplest application would be a walkway to a beach, but possibilities abound, limited only by the number of sections owner want to haul around.