Walk Around a New Build Yacht Before It is Even Started


One of the most exciting and rewarding projects an owner can ever be involved in during his yachting life, is the design and construction of a brand new yacht.

The ultimate in bespoke creation, new build projects allow owners to define the exact look, design and layout according to their own personal tastes and requirements.

New build projects are, however, an investment in time, money and technology and all too often it is not until late in the construction and refit stages that the owner can even begin to see how the 2D designs translate into reality.

To make the whole process that much easier, brokers Yachting Partners International (YPI) have linked up with virtual reality supplier Bricks & Goggles to introduce technology that enables owners to virtually walk around their new build projects before they are even built.

Using this technology could save owners money, time and a great deal of potential disappointment.

The YPI system developed with Bricks and Goggles allows owners to walk around a complete virtual construction of their yacht both inside and on deck as well as seeing it from the air.

“It’s much more than just the type of 3D renderings sometimes seen in yachting today” explains YPI Director of Sales, Russell Crump. With our

VR development, you are transported and immersed inside your yacht. You can see and experience how the layouts feel in terms of space and volume as you walk around. You can see the textures of different interior materials used and zoom-in if you want to see something in more detail. You can change the colour palette of your walls, ceiling or flooring, replicate different types of wood or marble finishing, include fine art in your interior designs and even change the time of day and lighting to see how everything works together.”


He adds, “Essentially, this is your yacht and you are, for all intents and purposes, walking around it and experiencing it long before you are committed to building the real thing. For the first time in yachting history, you can iron out the elements you don’t like before you invest in the build – elements you may never otherwise have thought of when working from a 2D or traditional 3D representation.”

The process can also be applied to the engineering and systems of a yacht. Every technical manufacturer, whether they are working with engines, pumps or systems, uses some form of 3D rendering in realizing their work.

This can now be taken that to a whole new level to recreate it in full VR to help engineers see exactly how everything fits together, saving an incredible amount of time and expense on any project.”

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