Flower Markets


Part of the Old City, Bangkok Flower market, known locally as Pak Klong Talad is the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. It is located on Chak Phet Road near Saphan Phut or the Memorial Bridge. It lies just south of Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) and has access to a river pier, which makes it great if you are staying at The Siam and using their boat.


The flower market, is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and is known not only for its incredible selection of fresh orchids, roses and marigolds but for the incredibly prices it offers on them.

Intricately strung flower garlands and baskets made for Buddhist ceremonies, or wholesale flowers for weddings and of course the lobby of every single hotel of note, transform the roadside shops and stalls into a kaleidoscope of bright, blooming colours, as vendors work on and sell their wares.


Wholesalers bring in truckloads of freshly cut flowers, while traders and retailers come to buy their stock in bulk. It is quite a chaotic scene, but not once were we refused a photograph and not once did any vendor take umbrage at our gawking!

During the day, the market is relatively sleepy, we went in the early evening but my sources tell me it never really gets going until 2 or 3 am when the fresh flowers from the rural outlands are delivered.