My Hard Working Eagle Creek Luggage

IMG_188710 years ago we made a very good decision – buy an Eagle Creek suitcase each.  As travel writers we do of course travel a lot by air, by land and by sea, all over the world.  And it certainly pays in the long run to buy a good suitcase that can take the punishment.

During 2015 we went on 17 trips, that saw us travelling to:

  • Italy, three times
  • Oman
  • Tenerife
  • Turkey, twice
  • Scotland, three times
  • Canada
  • France, twice
  • Monaco
  • Malta
  • USA
  • Eastern Caribbean

So Eagle Creek take a bow my bag is still surviving despite the worst that tropical storms and dodgy airlines can do.  Yes it no longer looks quite so smart (mine is the grey and raspberry one) and it is definitely showing signs of hard use but it is still going and will shortly be on its way to Tenerife again. Oh and I love the packing organisers too, they make a different hotel every night far less painful for packing and unpacking.


Michael’s green and grey Eagle Creek bag brought at around the same time has not survived.  So why you may ask do I think Eagle Creek is so good?  Well they have a life time warranty and when an airline managed to rip the bag a few years ago it was replaced free of charge!!