Sunset over Pigeon Island

Guadeloupe is a five-island overseas region of France located in the Leeward Islands. It is a 629 square-mile treasure of yellow sand beaches, forests, waterfalls, cliffs and superb.

Historically, a stronghold of French tourists, Guadeloupe is catching on quickly with superyachts who are keen to find sophistication when it comes to storing, competence when it comes to repairs and refits and excitement when it comes to crew and time off.

Lying immediately south of Antigua it is refreshingly easy for superyachts to enter into and clear in through immigration, it is just like anywhere else in France and for yachts that are used to docking in the south of France it is just like a home away from home.

Unlike the bureaucratic single nation islands, France welcomes superyachts, dockage is cheap and getting work done on board is easy. There is an expert in each and every field and if for any reason specialist technicians can not only fly in from Europe rather easily, they can also be accommodated on land rather cheaply when compared to say; Antigua.

For yachts needing quick and easy contact with the USA from Guadeloupe that is much easier now that American Airlines, JetBlue and Seaborne Airlines operate weekly, direct flights from Miami and Puerto Rico to the main city of Pointe-à-Pitre (population 132,884).