Refit and Repair in Caribbean with IMM


Throughout the Caribbean, International Marine Management (IMM) offers a wealth of refit and repair experience and facilities, including gravity docks and floating docks with up to 180m capacity.

Besides ISPS compliant berthing facilities in Guadeloupe the company has its own 45 metre floating dock. With a width of 17 metres and a 4 metre draught, the dock has the ability to lift yachts of up to 700 tonnes.

In its first year of operation IMM managed the drying operation of more than 60 yachts using this floating dock.

The drying operations themselves are smooth and quick. IMM has completed all types of works on board of the various vessels, including the basics such as high-pressure cleaning of hulls, and the treatment of the hull generally to include scraping and anti-fouling application.

The company has also completed removal and overhaul of masts, mechanical works to shafts, engines and rudders as well as composite works.

In all, they have proven that they are able to provide full-service European-standard yacht repair throughout the Caribbean Islands.

Another dry dock located in Fort de France, Martinique, offers a technical solution for even the largest yachts looking for top-quality refit and repair in the heart of the Caribbean.

This dock built originally for the French Navy is an exact replica of that in La Rochelle and it has a governing width of 24 metres and a controlling draught of 7.6 metres

IMM is a company with significant experience managing refits in both the Caribbean and in France (both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts).

International Marine Management’s past experience includes supervising the refits of yachts of 92 and 126 metres in the last several years, along with numerous other refits of yachts of all sizes.

All refit and repair works in both facilities are managed by International Marine Management and in Martinique are carried out in cooperation with Martinique Dry Dock. http://International Marine Management