France Beats England in Island Ping Pong


When they look at the thriving French islands in the Caribbean what ever must the citizens of the former UK colonies think?

They must have been so proud in the 1960’s when Britain cut them loose and gave them independent country status. How full of hope they must have been back then when all the islands were pretty much the same.

But fast forward to today and take a peek at Martinique or Guadeloupe and see how well they have fared despite have remained under the direct rule of France

Wide, well paved, three lane highways, Shopping malls with Carrefour Hypermarkets, up to six flights a day into Europe, these islands have it all and are positively buzzing with commerce and have a vibrant feel to them.

The single country island nations have nothing to compare! Since gaining their independence they have ambled along at their best pace unguided by their former colonists and are now simply antiquated shadows of their former masters. Corrupt governments, lackadaisical populations who would rather lime around than work and a general sense of apathy seems to epitomise the malaise that hangs over these islands.

In the game of ping pong played out years ago between England and France where each island was the ball it is now clear who the visitors of the game really are