Service Supreme Aboard SeaDream

Towel folding aboard Sea Dream 1

If there to be one single thing to highlight that demonstrates the difference between sailing in a SeaDream yacht rather than a cruise ship it would have to be staff service.

Yes the food is wonderful, the accommodation is comfortable and the itineraries are interesting. True the all inclusive element is jolly appealing as is the range of land and on board activities but it is the way the ships crew inter react with all of those wrapping them all into a hedonistic package that makes SeaDream so special.

As with every luxury charter yacht, the difference between one and an even better one, is always the crew.

Cocktails served aboard Sea Dream

So let’s hear it for the crew! From the stew who amuses us with her towel origami to the barman and his tailor made cocktails that he personally adapts to your own personal preference.

Pastry Chef aboard Sea Dream preparing caramel rum bananas

Lets not forget the waiters who remember what you like to drink for breakfast and ensure it appears before you have thought to ask. Remember the chefs who work tirelessly in the galley to produce three full meals a day and much more besides, all of it mouth-wateringly good.

On the bridge of Sea Dream with Captain Bjarne Smorawski

The ships officers who navigate the yacht, the deck crew who drive the tenders, the engineers that keep this 31 year old ship all working and a special mention to the ships carpenter who mended a pair of shoes and allowed us to keep on walking!

They all need a special mention.