LIAT – Leave Island Any Time


To fly inter island in the Caribbean needs a certain amount of patience and a healthy dose of understanding.

The problem is that the only carrier to comprehensively cover the eastern Caribbean island chain is: LIAT and as everyone knows,those initials stand for Leave Island Any Time

Given that the airline has no competition, to talk of, they have a adopted a totally care less attitude to their customers and no, I do not mean careless. I mean they could not care less if the passenger gets to their chosen destination or not.

The company seems to relish keeping everything a secret and that means not telling customers when or even if a plane is likely to take off.

Ask and you are given a smile that seems to infer you are not worthy of an answer. Ask about connecting flights and if you might make them or not and that smile becomes a laugh!

Note to railway companies in the UK: If you want to ensure your trains are always on time, no matter what, only display the departure time on any board when you know what it will be.  QED you will never have a late arrival!

Forget asking about your luggage and whether or not it will accompany you on the same flight! It always pays to remember that LIAT also has another meaning!

Luggage In Any Terminal

But lets be totally fair – we did arrive safely, if late.  They held the Antigua to St Lucia flight for a group of us and somehow even our luggage made it too.