Small is Beautiful on SeaDream 1

Spa team aboard Sea Dream 1

They say small is beautiful, and never is the phrase more apt than aboard the two yachts operated by the SeaDream Yacht Club

Not only are the ships petite in terms of other cruise ships they also are home to a very small but wonderfully efficient spa.

Right forward on deck number 4 is a haven of health, beauty and happiness.

Five Thai trained massage therapists are on hand to provide a most wonderful and wide ranging menu of spa treatments.

Forward as the ship pitches gently you can achieve bliss and tranquillity in a peaceful sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, recharge and rejuvenate.

A hairdresser and a spa manager complete the staff line up meaning that you can really pamper yourself while on board. Try a facial or get the nails done choose between a soothing aroma massage or a full on no strength barred traditional Thai massage.

Take it from us, these girls are good.