Superyacht Owner Sets up Bamford Spa Complex


Lady Bamford is known in yachting circles as an owner of the yacht Virginian. Now she is establishing a chain of spa resorts in resorts the latest of which is at Port Ferdinand marina in Barbados.

Using her name as the signature the spa has become renowned for its commitment to nature, purity and authentic luxury, will form the basis of a range of beauty, massage and therapeutic treatments offered at the spa.

Bamford treatments are inspired by a range of traditions including shiatsu, meridian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, abdominal massage, Indian head massage, and yogic breathing. They are holistic treatments that work on both the physical body as well as the more subtle energetic layers of the body.

Frances had the good fortune to experience Bamford Body Signature Treatment lasting 90 minutes.

This deeply relaxing massage is designed to de-stress, spirit away tensions, melt anxieties and rebalance your weary body.

The treatment starts with a deeply cleansing foot bath, followed by a firm-as-you-like massage, using Shiatsu, Meridian and Swedish massage techniques, working together to relieve muscles, detoxify organs and ease energy flow around the body.

Of the experience Frances recalls, “As you drift into a deep sense of calm, a pressure point massage to your face, neck, shoulders and head, and a little yogic breathing, will see off any lingering languor. Perfect for stress, tension, jet lag or simply pleasure.”

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