Barbados has International Investment Appeal


The global appeal of properties in Barbados contributes to market stability.

Buyers come primarily from the UK and other Anglophone countries, Canada and the US, but also from other European countries, including Russia.

With new coastal developments becoming available, the opportunities to buy luxury, beachfront condominiums such as those at St Peter’s Bay are becoming increasingly attractive.

The same can be said for homes with dockage for yachts at the Port Ferdinand marina complex.

These factors have contributed to the strong investment rationale in Barbados, meaning that approximately a third of buyers have been investors so far.

Dominating the market are buyers who plan to live in their new island homes and benefit from the excellent rental market opportunities.

Those who invest may also bring into the island, tax free, a yacht and a motor vehicle.

For those who are looking for new experiences from their stay in Barbados, or yacht owners seeking the flexibility of a larger living space, with dockage the property rental business is now thriving.

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