Say Goodbye to Epoxy Glue and Hello to Fastmount SuperGroove Adhesive


For us METS is all about new exciting products and at this years show we think we found one.

Global panel mounting systems company, Fastmount introduced its new SuperGroove Adhesive at the show.

The New Zealand-based company has collaborated with a specialist UK solvent free chemicals manufacturer to create a new non-toxic, non-flammable glue.

There has long been an industry requirement for a two-part glue that doesn’t require sea freight. The highly volatile nature of standard epoxy glues means that they are very expensive to be air-freighted. Companies selecting sea freight might wait up to three months to receive a product that only has a six-month shelf life.

The glue has a 12-month shelf life – twice that of alternatives glues on the market. The new non-volatile organic compound adhesive is non-toxic, non-flammable and because it is non-solvent based does not give off carcinogenic fumes. Unlike standard two-part glues, which require full protective gear, this one only requires gloves.

In all respects, the adhesive makes life simpler for the user, from it being easy to use and clean to it not requiring a classification for transport. It is ideal for use in confined spaces as it gives off no discernible odour and being solvent free, will not endanger the user, as some methyl acrylate adhesives are known to do.

The specialist in solvent free chemicals has been working closely with the clip maker to trial different types and is confident that the adhesive will perform very well on a variety of surfaces. It is ideal for bonding Fastmount Surface mount clip systems to a range of substrates from wood to metal or stone. It also works as a general purpose high strength adhesive for bonding wood to wood, wood to metal, wood to fibreglass.

The product is available in two sizes – 30ml and 400ml. The 30ml twin tube mixer is perfect for touch ups, small installations and emergency repairs and is a great addition to a service kit.

The 400ml twin tube mixer has been designed for large-scale clip installations and comes with two self-mixing nozzles for proportional mixing every time. A gun can also be purchased to ensure smooth application.

The non-toxic two-part glue has been designed for use primarily with Fastmount surface mount clips – PC-SM2, PC-SM2H, LP-SM8, VL-03, VL-03H. It is also compatible with other clips in the Fastmount range.