It Begins and Ends With Barbados


Our impending trip to the Caribbean begins and ends in Barbados

It is an island nation that mixes an air of British civility with equal parts quintessential Bajan style.   The secret of its success as a holiday destination for the HNWI can be found in the calypso rhythms, the sun sand and sea all mixed together using a liberal helping of island time

Brightly painted rum shops rub shoulders with lavish real estate and marina developments. Traditional chattel houses surround historic sugar plantations. A beach fish fry can be found next door to a classy restaurant.

Why not? To each their own – just as long as you’re not in a hurry.

With this type of setting, there’s never really a reason. Rolling limestone hills, lush scenery and white-sandy beaches border the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea on the west, and the turbulent Atlantic Ocean on the east.

As for the secret, it’s simple: avoid the rush, enjoy the moment and have a rum punch or two.

The island marks the start and end of our three week trip around the Caribbean the highlights of which we plan to publish here.

Stay with us as we sail north to Antigua turn around and head back down the island chain by puddle jumper.

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