Solent Refit to Sell off the Former Princess Tanya


Lying now in the UK at the yard owned by Solent Refit, she was once the doyen of the superyacht charter industry and did much to promote large yacht charter.

Now the former Princess Tanya now Lady K II is for sale at a knock down price.

As Princess Tanya she was the flagship of the fleet operated by the late Andreas Liveras whose life was cut tragically short in the Mumbai Massacre

The parties thrown by him on board while she was on display at the Antigua Charter Yachts shows were legendary and an invitation to be among the guests a most converted prize.

The yacht, renamed Lady K II has been undergoing work at Solent Refit for some three years now but work has been progressing slowly.

Now the British owner of the 62 metre yacht has asked the refit yard to dispose of her!

The classically-styled superyacht can be yours for just £2 Million

Built as Lisboa II in the style of a gentleman’s superyacht she was completed in Sunderland by Austin & Pickersgill in 1961

Her owner was the then a Greek shipping magnate who also happed to own the shipyard. He had chosen to keep the works in his yard busy at a time when business was somewhat slack.

She was rebuilt by Malta Drydocks in 1991 and refitted again during 2005.

In 2004 she was listed for sale at US$12.75 Million.