Fastmount Launches Latest in Innovative Panel Clip Systems


The New Zealand based panel mounting systems, company Fastmount, has launched its latest innovative panel clip set onto the market

The VL-03H is the latest in a continuing line of labour saving ideas to revolutionise the installation of panels in the yacht and boat building industry.

The very low profile panel clip set is fast to fit, easy to remove and can be re-fitted multiple times.

The new clip is a heavy duty version of company’s popular very low profile VL-03 clip set.

Perfect for areas with minimal frame and panel thickness, the new VL-03H system has a 10Kg pull out load and is fast and easy to install requiring no specialist tools or skilled labour.

Its introduction follows feedback from distributors and customers who highlighted the desire for a similar very low profile system that could be used to mount heavier panels.

The panel clip set can be used for a variety of applications where there is a requirement for invisible fixing, superior joint finish, secure mounting, easy panel replacement or the regular removal of panels for inspection and maintenance.

Application examples include acoustic panels for walls, ceilings and media rooms, seasonal signage and decorative refits, furniture servicing and seat fixing and access, inspection and protective panelling.

Available in black, the VL-03H panel clip set can be fixed using a range of adhesives as the patented super-groove system creates a mechanical bond. It can also be screw-fixed or riveted making the system ideal for installation where minimal drilling is preferable for design or engineering reasons.

Due to its design and installation, if recessed, the clip set allows for a minimal 3mm gap in applications – perfect for use where space is paramount – and can also be installed onto 6mm plywood panels with minimal clearance, inspection panels, soft or honeycomb cored panels with thin facings.