Fastmount Launch Heavy Duty Clip


Fastmount, the New Zealand based panel clip manufacturer may well not make the sexiest of superyacht kit but few can argue their stuff is not among the most clever!

Now the kiwi boffins are to launch their strongest clip to date – the extra heavy duty, PC-VMX.

Originally designed as a seat back clip for superyacht tender seat covers where the protective covering needed to be wrapped around the back of the cushions, Fastmount found that customers were starting to use the PC-VM1 for wall and ceiling panels keen to exploit its features.

Ever keen to revolutionise the installation of panels, Fastmount then evolved the design to create the new PC-VMX to deliver style and installation benefits wherever and whenever heavy panels need to be mounted.

They designed the new easy to fit, to be extra heavy duty, self tapping male clip to meet growing demand from clients in the marine sector.

The PC-VMX clip is durable, easy to fit and align and can be used for a variety of applications where invisible fixing, superior joint finish and secure mounting is required.

It is the perfect solution for superyacht panels exposed to high g-forces, extreme wind loading and climate conditions as well as for interior design applications. With its pull out load of 15kg, it also has exceptionally high shear strength due to low clip movement within the clip set.

Available in black, the PC-VMX male clip can be used with female clips from the standard Fastmount range including the PC-F1A, PC-RF1, PC-SF1 and PC-AF1. It can be fitted and removed easily using the specially designed tools.