50% more INVICTUS


Invictus magazine the luxury lifestyle magazine published by ‘By Invitation Only’ and aimed at UHNWI’s has become a victim of its own success.

Starting with the forthcoming issue, the publishers have announced that the frequency of publication will progress from four issues a year to six!

Despite moving from being quarterly to bi-monthly it will still be hand delivered to 6,000 millionaires each of who own their own super yacht and or private aircraft

The remarkable response and demand for increased frequency from our readership and advertising partners played a significant role in the decision. The deadlines and distribution dates for each issue can be found in the Media Kit



With so many exciting new developments happening at INVICTUS it is the natural time to refresh and rejuvenate our corporate image.


So, here’s a sneak preview of the stunning new cover design and logo we’ll be running with from the next issue.

Having established its credentials with a traditional character, logo font and feel to the publication, the new logo and cover design reflects the clean, contemporary and progressive plan for the forthcoming years.