Unravel the Mysteries of Marine Tax in Spain



The issues surrounding the marine taxes in Spain and how they affect the yachts both based there and passing through has always been complex.

Realising this Alex Chumillas, Managing Director of Tax Marine Spain, put together the most efficient operational structures for yacht. Seeking to sail in Spanish waters.

In general, 2015 seems to have been a year of consolidation for the Spanish Charter Market. The recent amendments of the Matriculation Tax together with the Balearic Islands authorities’ new approach, which now allow non-EU flagged yachts getting licensed in the islands for charter operations, have consolidated Spain as a destination for large yachts.

Notwithstanding the current environment, yacht owners and operators must be aware of several pitfalls and tax issues before making a decision to operate in Spain. Tax Marine, leading company in charter licensing and VAT representative services, will be pleased to assist you, to ensure your charter registration experience in Spain is easy and smooth.

Alex tells us, “We are proud to have licensed vessels for all the major charter houses and we do expect to continue working with you next year.”

As a natural development of his firm, he is strongly expanding our activity into the customs arena.

He tells us, “We are in a position to provide assistance and guidance in customs operations such: inward processing relief (especially significant for yacht refits), temporary exports (to protect VAT status of non EU vessels) or the new deferred import regime (yacht imports with no VAT payment), which are possibilities now available in mainland Spain.”

Alex Chumillas will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show and can be contacted before at alex@taxmarine.com