British Marine Publishes Bi-annual Trends Survey


British Marine is reporting significant increase in investment, profit and employment for the British marine industry

The trade association published its bi-annual Marine Industry Trends survey at the 2015 Southampton Boat Show.

It reports a number of upward trends for economic performance across sectors of the leisure marine, superyacht and small commercial marine industry.

The survey, completed by a sample of 321 British Marine members, has found that 1 in 3 businesses reported a rise in employment levels – up by 6% from the last survey in November 2014. Profits were also reported to have increased for 50% of the members surveyed.

A decrease of 7% of those asked reported a decline in profits (just 19% compared to 24% last year).

Investment has also grown with 45% of members reporting increased capital expenditure on investments, up from 39% in 2013-2014.

Responses came from a broad range of businesses across the industry from sectors such as boat manufacturing, distribution, repair and re-fit, and charter and training.