So Next Comes the Best Part of the Perini Navi Cup


So Next Comes the Best Part!

The Perini Navi Cup is of course all about the racing.  That is the reason why so many owners bring their yachts to the shores of Porto Cervo in Sardinia.
Many yachts however come, not just to race but to enjoy the social activities the event offers.  High among the list of must-do social events is the famous Perini Navi cocktail contest.
Crews on competing yachts spend hours concocting cocktails and dressing their yachts in a matching theme in the hope of winning the accolade of Cocktail yacht of the event
And the best part?  It is us the journalists who get to do the judging
So we are off to do our duty.  It’s a hard old life as a yachting journalist but someone has to do it!